Vinyl Examination Gloves


They are designed to fit very loosely on the hand, and to provide protection from contact with liquids and solids that are non-corrosive. Vinyl examination gloves are great for any type of work with mild chemicals or with most types of disinfectants and cleaning products. Since they don't have a snug fit like latex or nitrile gloves, vinyl examination gloves don't typically cause the moisture retention that can be a problem with the other types of gloves. In addition, they have no rubber proteins, and are a perfect match for anyone that has a reaction to latex. It is important to keep in mind that they are also much thinner and much more prone to tearing, puncturing, and ripping than latex or nitrile gloves, so they are not recommended in high risk areas.



  • Clear
  • Weight of 5 gr
  • Powder Free
  • Non-Sterile
  • Made of Polyvinyl Chloride paste resin
  • 5 years shelf-life
  • Compliable with standards: ASTM 5250, EN 455-2, ASTM 5151-92, ASTM D6124
  • FDA approved
  • Available in sizes: S, M, L



Every 100 vinyl gloves be placed in on inner box, every 10 inner boxes be placed in a Carton.

Each Carton contains 1000 Vinyl Gloves.

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