IV Cannula


This device is designed as a versatile instrument for repeated and long-term intravenous administration of IV fluids, blood, drugs and etc. separately or in various combinations. This device is also utilized for spinal, epidural and caudal anesthesia, perfusions, puncture biopsy, etc. before. Plastic/synthetic cannula (often teflon or polyurethane) usually utilizing a stainless steel introducer needle. The flexible cannula may or may not be radio-opaque. The hub of the cannula may be angled and possess a one-way injection port with integral closure. The hub is also colour coded according to size.



  • Flexible wings are designed with 6° angle for better placement & insertion of catheter on patient’s body
  • Kink-resistant Catheter with improved double tapered, bevelled & siliconized tip to minimize trauma during venipuncture
  • Needle made of rigid steel complies with ISO 9626
  • Needle hub complies with ISO 594-1
  • Color coded injection port
  • Colored/uncolored wings
  • Snap fit/Standard Cap
  • Radio-opaque
  • Sterile
  • In Compliance with ISO 10555-1
  • Available in sizes : 18G , 20G, 22G, 24G
  • 4 years Shell life



Individual blister pack, every 100 individual packs be placed in an inner box, every 10 inner boxes be placed in a carton.

Every Carton contains 1000 Pcs IV Cannulas.

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