Infusion Set

The IV administration set delivers fluid or medication from an infusate container (glass containers, flexible plastic containers, semi-rigid plastic containers) into the patient’s vascular system.



  • Universal, vented piercing spike
  • Bacteria-tight proven air vent, closable with snap cap
  • Flexible, transparent PVC drip chamber with micro dropper, 20 drops
  • Soft, clear PVC tubing with standard length 150 cm
  • advanced, precise roller clamp ensure more accurate flow control
  • ABS or PE fluid filter with size of 15 micron
  • Made from medical grade, Non-toxic, Non-Pyrogenic materials
  • Compliable with ISO 8536-4
  • Sterile, Sterilized by EOG
  • 3 years Shell life



Blister bag individual packing, every 25 blister bags be placed in a big PE bag, every 20 PE bags be placed in a Carton.

Each Carton contains 500 Pcs infusion set.


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