Burette Set

Used to deliver a fixed volume of IV fluid at a fixed rate, usually with added medication. Designed to limit the amount of solution available to the patient, usually for safety, but also as an intermittent infusion of medication that can be admixed immediately before infusion.



  • Universal, vented piercing spike
  • Bacteria-tight proven air vent, closable with snap cap
  • Dosage container 100 ml, with fine graduation
  • Flexible, transparent drip chamber with micro dropper, 60 drops
  • Y-injection site (latex-Free)
  • Soft, clear PVC tubing with standard length 150 cm (total 180 cm)
  • Two advanced, precise roller clamps ensure more accurate flow control
  • Made from medical grade,Non-toxic, Non-Pyrogenic materials
  • Compliable with ISO 8536-5
  • Sterile
  • 5 years Shell life



Blister bag individual packing, every 10 blister bags be placed in one inner box, every 10 inner box be placed in a Carton.

Each Carton contains 100 Pcs burette set.

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