Heparin Cap


Heparin cap, an auxiliary medical instrument, is mainly used as injection way and injection port, widely accepted and approved by medical institutions. Heparin cap is very normal in modern medical line, it plays a very important role when used with I.V. cannula and central venous catheter. Heparin cap has various advantages such as: safe, sanitation, durable puncture, small volume, convenient use, low price, the foremost advantage is to release patients’ pain/ injury while injection and infusion.



  • Used with the arterial and venous cannula.
  • Made from fine material (medical grade PVC) and easy to puncture.
  • Latex or latex free
  • Soft color and very smooth, without any edges and corners.
  • International luer connector, excellent on bio-compatibility.
  • ISO and CE certificates
  • Sterile blister packaging
  • Excellent quality with most competitive price



Individual Blister packing, every 100 blister packing be placed in an inner box, every 50 inner boxes be placed in a Carton.

Each Carton contains 5000 Pcs Heparin Caps.


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