About Us

Who We Are


TAJHIZGARAN POURAN SAFA is a leading supplier of disposable medical equipment and supplement in Iran. TPS has a long history of importing and distributing medical products and sport supplements into Iranian market. Our company represents several manufacturers of Infusion therapy, Gloves, Tape and Dressing, Urology, Ostomy products, etc. in Iran. We enjoy an excellent reputation with the medical community. We are committed to distributing high quality products at the lowest cost to improve patient care.


TPS History


TAJHIZGARAN POURAN SAFA was established by people with 15 years experience in medical and supplement market in 2012 in Tehran. In the beginning we started to provide medical equipment and sport supplements from local medical market and distributing them to hospitals, pharmacies and medical centers. We began importing medical equipments from foreign countries such as USA, India, Malaysia, Argentina, China,... to Iran at the end of 2012. We import several medical products under our own brand name (MEDDEW) to Iran and distribute them in Iran territory.

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